Sunday, March 22, 2009

SIEM REAP | Templed Out? Why Not?

After exploring those temple ruins, one will really need some break.

So what I did was, I walked the Siep Reap town area thru, and was amazed by their amusing yet creative signages.

Here sharing with you are just a few of them.

When you are out in the ruin, stumbling upon "Lara Croft" might be a dream come true, but stumbling with 3 "Lara Crofts" in the town?

And after those major temple exploration, no one should miss the most famous temple.

No argument here, the Famous Temple of all!

Or otherwise, you can go and hang-out at the Boom Boom Room! Heya Heyo, shakey boom-boom vroooom.

This one I found quite creative, I assumed combining the ancient name of Cambodia i.e. Kampuchea with cappuccino, or perhaps Kampung (village) + cappuccino i.e. a traditional village's coffee, hence Kampuccino.

As Cambodia was once under the Pol Pot regime, thus for does who wanted to feel how it is like to eat inside a prison, you can experience dining within the jail/ prison bars, and no worries, no criminal records will be kept here.

But of all, this is the "coolest" place to dine-in, as the name says, Cool Corner Pizza Restaurant.

So Why Not? Plus Hotsports!? WiFi!

Such bill as above are ubiquitous. Land for "sell", sometimes it made me confuse, whether to sell or for sale?

Otherwise, if you are tired of having coffee or such, you can go online at this eer, Potential Computer School, well they have got potential, but still unproven, or this is not a computer school, but it has a potential to be one, depending on how you interpret the sign thou.

But never be worried, technology is everywhere, even if it is in the rural villages, under the coconut tree, with a bare dirt ground floor, technology can be seen taking off.

So, Why Not?

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