Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mBLOG | now to ...

... the "mountain", after the Street Beach.

Friday, April 10, 2009

PHOTOLESS | Ingin-ingin Atiku Saja...

1. When I took my photos, it will usually depends on my mood.
If I don't feel like taking it, the outcome will probably be just a "normal" shot.

2. The same goes in posting articles on this website, it will usually depends on my mood, if I'm in a mood to write heap of stuffs, then the write-up will be lengthy, and vice-versa, (thou I know that people only visit this site just for the photos and not for the write-up), who wanna read a lengthy grammatically incorrect article by the way.

3. Well, as for this post, and some future posts, I just decided not to post up any single photo, because I just don't feel like it.

4. So, what am I going to write up if there is no photo?

5. Whatever it is I feel like writing, (or typing rather,) our everyday life, journey along the road, social observations and such.

6. For those F1 fans, the hot topics now is the KERS, Diffusers "loophole" and also the McLaren "lie-gate".

7. Idiots, who put the Jokers for the lousy fellows in managements.

8. For those football fanatics, they all knew that, sometimes to "buy" or to "delay" the time, the players will "lie"/ "pretend" (or what ever they called it), that they are experiencing bodily injuries, leg cramps, stomach cramps or any imaginable injuries, so isn't that a lie? Is that acceptable? And not to mentioned WWF/ or WWE as it is known now.

9. Everybody knows about the controversional Argentinian Maradona's famous "Hand goal", during Argentina vs England in 1986, but even after knowing the thruth, does the result change? It was very controversional alright, but, Nope, the result did not change, Argentina still won 2-1.

10. But during the Melbourne 2009 F1, Trulli (3rd place then) was out of the race track, I repeat OUT OF THE RACE TRACK, imagine if YOU were in the 4th place would you follow him out of the race track? Would you stop?

11. You would be a Joker to follow him out of the race track, obviously, you will continue, hence that was what Hamilton did and soon after that, the safety car's out, so no overtaking during that time, but hey, funny enough, Trulli still has the gut to overtake Hamilton to get back his 3rd position.

12. So you would think it would stop there, as the race ended, who cares, who's 3rd who's 4, but no, now those Jokers in F1 management think that Hamilton i.e. McLaren team have lied, and "misleading" the stewards and might be penalised heavily because of that, ( Hamilton was totally disqualified for the Melbourne race, and to know more about the "scandal" just google it out), and the case are still pending, and can only be known after the extra-ordinary meeting on the 29 April 2009! Lousy Fellows! Get back to the real racing will ya!

13. Imagine McLaren being banned, there will be a drastic drop in the number of fans watching F1, TV viewers will decrease, race-goers on the race tracks will drop, and imagine the impact on loss of revenues, advertisement and such, the management will be at loss!

14. On a different note, congrats to DPMM FC for winning against Gombak FC, 2-1, hence gaining top spot in the S-League 2009 standing.

15. On the local scene, what I can't understand, is how some drivers unethically just overtake other people when coming to the merging lane, can't they just queue up? Especially, if they wanted to drive thru the entry lane to the highway, yet on the highway, they drove very slowly, and what annoys me most is, driving slowly on the right side of the lanes! Lousy Fellows!

16. Sometimes you wonder, despite no accidents, the road are still jam-packed with very slow moving vehicles, why?

17. Well the reasons, are the frequent brakings and then move again, then brake again, then move, what the ????. Did you know that, if the motorists just drive in a constant speed, of say, 70kmh, we will have a smooth traffic flow! As what have been researched in the UK.

18. There are still more that I want to type, but I don't know who wants to read this lengthy post, well, may be next time.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GINZA | Master Zeng Said...

Just wanna post some night photography photos.

Just outside Ginza Station of Tokyo Metro.

So, how am I going to cross this street?

A small booth on the street walkway, selling some local stuffs.

Speaking of technology, even their "ordinary" bust-stop have LCD screens for displaying information.

Happy couple back from work (it was about 2200 hours, yet still look fresh), walking along the under the railway bridge.

Yea, you got me there, Hait, Konbawa, Arigato gozaimashta.

Tokyo equivalent of Brunei's Nasi Katok cafe?

Master Zeng Said;

Every day I examine my character in three respects;
am I disloyal in my designs for others,
am I untrustworthy in my dealings with friends,
have I failed to practise what has been passed on to me.

Friday, April 03, 2009

JAPAN | Ginza St.

Ginza, Tokyo is one of THE places to be when in Japan. The area is really happening in the evening, and also during the weekends.

Ginza showered with colourful neons.

Beautiful designs + neons.

Also the place to see posh cars with designer boutiques along the street.

Driving topless in a classic ride.

Passing Tiffany & co.

No, not the coach as football coaches nor coach in transportation, this is the Coach in designers.

Apple store can also be found in Ginza, as can be seen reflected on the glass window.

Look at the huge Chanel building, imagine all those designers handbags, apparels that you can have.

Ito Ya, get all your office/school stuffs here.

Ginza Street sign.

You can see how heavy the traffic are along the street.

Despite the hectic street life, it is still relaxing to have a stroll with the young ones along the street.