Sunday, November 29, 2009

SINGAPORE | Bugis Street

Walking around in Bugis Street.

It is not like walking along Orchard Road, or those air-conditioned mall like Vivocity, but this is a street market, thou covered, but non-airconditioned.

A busy place it was, even if you stop to look at stuff, you can not avoid to be brushed aside from the fast flowing pedestrians.

Not only they sell clothes, but they also sell fruit, Durians even!

Persimmon is also in abundance. Good fruit, sweet and juicy.

More durians, quite cheap, only $2 each!

$2 crackers (keropok) vs $2 durians, it's your call!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SINGAPORE | The Mosque in Chinatown

Another interesting landmark in Chinatown.

Masjid Jamae (Chulia) is the name of the mosque.

For a more detailed history of the mosque, feel free to read it on the plaque.

A glimpse of what is inside the mosque, cool, got vending machine some more what.

An overview of the mosque, squeezed among the shophouses.

Monday, November 23, 2009

SINGAPORE | Multi-Culture in Chinatown

What I found quite interesting in Chinatown, was the multi cultural diversity there within, multi belief and faith.

There I saw one Temple and also a Mosque.

Pagoda Street is one of the alley in Chinatown.

The temple was still under renovation, so just manage to get a peek of what is inside.

There was a wedding ceremony held at that time, and these young women have prepared themselves with their colourful traditional dresses or also known as sarees.

Decorative flowers used as part of their belief.

Not only there were multi culture, but the product sold in Chinatown are also diversified.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SINGAPORE | Chinatown Heritage Centre

Still walking along the area.

This way to the Heritage Centre.

But first, have to pass thru this passage.

Some old ship's instrumentation for sale.

And some seller trying to market their products.

And here you are, the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SINGAPORE | Chinatown Walkabout

During a recent trip to Singapore earlier this month, manage to mingle amongst the crowd.

The place was flooded with people, walking around, doing their own stuff, or even just sitting along, feasting their eyes with people watching.

Chinatown could be found in almost every major cities around the globe, usually marked with it's traditional huge red gate.

In Singapore, the Chinatown, can't be missed by it's many bright red lanterns.

One of the many entrances to the main street.

A typical scene in Chinatowns.

Taking his own sweet time.

A mobile vendor moving his cart to a different place.

Another view of the packed street.

*All images taken with the Canon G10

Monday, November 16, 2009

F1 | Mercedes GP vs. McLaren 2010

Mercedes has confirmed the buy-in of Brawn GP, hence for F1 2010 Mercedes will have its own team, yet, Mercedes has agreed to supply engine for McLaren til 2015.

So now the questions are, will Button be paired with Hamilton in the McLaren, hence the all-British team, and Mercedes GP might be having Nico Rosberg as one of their driver.

But what will happen to Kimi?

Some questions need to be answered soon.

From the earlier image of Mercedes GP, it looks like they might retained their silver look livery, whereas McLaren might be back to their orange livery, but all of these yet to be confirmed.

F1 2010, seems to be an interesting one, with Korea as a new add-on track, and the Montreal, Canada is back on the calendar.

Who cares about Ferarri! By mid-season Alonso and Massa might have their rift, just like Hamilton & Alonso, when they were together at McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton's helmet, side by side with the McLaren-Mercedes F1 steering wheel. If you look carefully on the bottom left of the steering wheel, there is a white button for drink, yeap, they do "drink" and drive, or drink and race, rather!