Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fotoworks | The Movie

Coming Soon!

Notice anything unusual?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RANDOM | The Yellow Hat..

Safety hat is one of the must-wear gears when doing any major project, as part of the requirement from the Health & Safety Division.

Which reminded me of a real life story.

It was during my very early days working as an Engineer, and as a "fresh Engineer" I was very eager and looking forward for my first real-life site visit, (thou during uni life we did attended many site visits and even a week of Survey Camp and a week of Geology Camp), yet this is the real deal.

As part of the project in undertaking the Chartered Engineer status, one must be involved at least in one major project.

So few days before our site visit, my supervisor informed me to get prepare,including to have all the necessary safety gear.

Hence, soon after that, I went for a "shopping spree", got myself a new pair of steel-toe shoes with those heavy duty soles and obviously a safety helmet!

Whilst picking and deciding for the safety hat, which have many colours, so I said to myself, I'll just get the yellow one, since it is quite striking(so safety purpose meh it can be seen from thousand of meters!)

When the day of site visit came, proudly adorning my new gear, something seems amiss, something does not look right, it seems I was the odd one out, the rest of the colleague (I was the most junior at that time) was wearing a white safety helmet or blue but not yellow! The only yellows that I saw was worn by all the site workers!

Few minutes into the site, I was then approach by one of the seniors, he then whisper to me," Eh lain kali jangan u pakai safety hat kuning ani ah..."

".. eh napa nya... inda dapat kah ...?" I then asked

".. hehe .. bukannya apa ... arah kitani ani.. biasanya .. kuning ani .. kena pakai oleh kuli ganya.. kalau macam Engineer macam kitani.. biasanya makai Putih ... konpius orang karang .... "

" ... hahaha ... no wonder ....."

Well, that was the last day I wore that safety hat, and I don't know where it is now, malas tak ku ingau jua ... hahaha... something that I will remember forever ....

So guys, now you know, which hat is which. Some stuffs you really can't get it from school!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RANOM | Phua Chu Kang ?

Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd or PCK Pte Ltd is a well known Singapore's sitcom.

Famous for his bright yellow boots.

While wandering during the celebration, saw this guy with yellow boots.

So could this be him in disguise?

Phua Chu Kang ?

Monday, July 21, 2008

BRUNEI | Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam (Nite Market) is one of the must visit places in Brunei.

Pasar Malam, as the abbreviation suggest P.M., is only available during the night time, usually from 5pm til midnite.

So now you know why the Malaysia's PM only works at night, 'coz he's PM not AM!

Oh anyway....

One can find variety of stuffs in Pasar Malam from fruits to foods, from clothes to antiques, and from plastic flowers to "real flowers" *hubba* hubba*

Pasar Malam will be more interesting during this festive season i.e. HM Birthday's celebration, as a dedicated Pasar Malam will be built for each district during that period, and there will be a centre stage where various performances will be held every night throughout the celebration.

One of the "local tourist" trying to haggle for a better bargain, and what make this more fun is not only you can try to haggle the price but if you are skillful enough you might get the "digit" of the seller.

Enjoy it while you can.

Good Luck!

Friday, July 18, 2008

TOKYO | Only in Japan ....

Only in Japan...

... one can find the Capsule Hotel

Hotel Capsule, is a simple place for people to have a rest

It is literally a capsule for you to sleep.

Imagine your single bed, then cover it with a 2' walls to the right/left and the headboard with a ceiling, but the end can be covered with curtain.

The capsule itself is complete with radio, TV, clock and light, cosy enough for you to sit down, but not standing.

It is cheap, (but if you consider money to size ratio it is still expensive), clean, and convenience, especially for those business traveller who work late and need to be in the office early.

Thou they are no ensuite bathroom, there are communal shower.

So if you just wanna have a try, you are welcome to have a go, just for the experience.

The name is Love, Love Cafe....

Well as the name suggest, this is the Luurrrvveee Cafe ...

Enough Said.


Monday, July 14, 2008

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY | Flirting with the Ads

Street photography is about capturing "the moment" on the street.

No actor, no rehearsal, no plan, just ordinary people, doing ordinary daily life.

What important is, patience.

If you are lucky (very rarely) it would only take a few minutes, otherwise, few hours is a norm for capturing such happening.

So what gear to use for street photography?

Well, you need to have 3 professional SLR bodies, with 300mm f/2.8 IS prime zoom, 20-700 f/2.8 IS L lens, 50mm f/1.0 or better, and if you believe what I said, you are doomed, better stay at home and watch TV or read some photography magazines.

The actual answer is, just a simple basic DSLR with its kit lens 18-55mm will do, or even a prosumer point and shoot like the Canon equivalent of G9 or S5IS.

How about phone camera? Or those ordinary Point & shoot? As mentioned in earlier post that, it does not really matter what type of camera to be used right?

Well, in this situation, (Street photography) you gotta be kidding right, get real come on. It is a true fact that it does not really matter what camera you are using IF you can FREEZE the people on the street!

The moment you see an interesting action, you start up your cheap P&S, focus it, *click* the action is no more, or it might be blurred, so a good gear does helps.

These photos are just few of the samples of street photography,

1. Conversation with the Ad

"Hello.. listen to me... they are watching you ....watching me ..."

2. The Flirty Ad

Girl, you just don't know how the model in the poster act when you are not looking.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

TOKYO | Akihabara

Akibahara is another one of the must-see places in Tokyo.

For those Manga, Anime, Electronic, Computer, Camera fanatic, freak, geek or whatever you wanna call them, Akihabara is the place to be, just like a kid lost in candy store.aft

If in Brunei you can find variety of fruits/ foods/ handicraft at the Kianggeh Market or Tamu, or in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, one can also indulge in many different types of tidbits, but in Akihabara, instead of foodstuffs, they have market full of electronic items!

The Electronic Market! You can find any thing that can conduct electricity here, LED, "black-red" wires, banana plugs, male-female socket, 3-pins, 2-pins, adapter, resistor, capacitor just name it they got it here!

People rushing to-n-fro. Just like the other busy places in Tokyo, Akihabara is a busy area, covered with pedestrians. Just trying to stand still is considered some kind of a feat.

Neon covered buildings are what one will see during nite time. The whole street of Akihabara are showered with neon lighting, no need to wait until Hari Kebangsaan or something, one can just come here any night the year round to experience the neon shower.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TOKYO | Harajuku

The real Harajukunians, if there is such words.

For those fashioniesta, this is the place to be seen in Tokyo, Japan.

Fashion beyond your imagination can be seen here, and the shop at the back is the reknown DAISO, the real deal, where almost everything is 100yen and in fact, this one in Harajuku, is the biggest store in downtown Tokyo.

Just some wild stickers on the lamp post.

Cosplay anyone?

Monday, July 07, 2008

STREET | Love is ...

Love is ...

Boy: Hei u sweet... do u have a map ..?

Girl: .. eeer.. no why ...?

Boy: ... coz I just got lost in your eyes ....

Girl: ... haha .. nice one .... but I have a library card thou ...

Boy: ... wow.. that is even better ... well... in that case .... can I have your library card so that I can check you out...

Girl: *blushes* .. u really do know your way around a girl's heart .... uh ...

Boy: ... eermmm.. no not really .... hence I need you to guide me ...

Girl: ... guide for what .... ?

Boy: .... guide me to your heart .......

Boy & Girl live heavily ever after ...

The End

Sunday, July 06, 2008

TOKYO | Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

One of the unavoidable, or unpredictable things that might happens in traveling is the weather.

Although we wish that, it will be nice and sunny every day of the week, but rain is inevitable sometimes.

I also have my fair share of rain during my trip.

Looking out of the hotel's window, it was already raining.

Well, just not wanna waste the day just like that, so I just brave the rain.

Being a "tourist" obviously the most common mode of transport is on foot, so every corner I tried to find a shelter, and furthermore, my camera gear is no those expensive weatherproof machine, so came rain, less photo are taken compared to those not rainy time.

So still, wandering whether to go ahead or not, I just walked ahead.

And what noticed is that, every single person was holding an umbrella, except me!

Come on, how do you expect me to hold an umbrella in one hand, whilst carrying my huge, heavy messenger bag on the other shoulder, then how to take camera?

Well, this is just one of the dilemmas that, one experience in their journey, unless you just wanna enjoy the rain, and can't just be bothered with photographing anything, then, there should not be any problem.

Even in the narrow alley, people tried to find a shelter, to keep themselves dry.

The rain seems does not seems to be showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

I was contemplating, whether to carry on with the journey or just be in the mall.

But, thinking I have gone this far, to this area, so I might just give it a go, especially after seeing this sign post

The world known, TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

So tell me now, would you turn back and call it a day? or Just carry on despite the rain, the smelly fish market, and oh, water and fishy smell does not goes well, for sure you can imagine what kind of smell you will gonna get once those mixed together.

Friday, July 04, 2008

STREET | No Feelings!

Saw an interesting banner or some sort of an ads.

No Feelings ... for anybody else .....

wow... kinda cruel ain't it ....

.. or is this some sort of a public expression of one's feeling....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

TOKYO | 24-7 No More?

In the recent news, Japan is now under pressure to reduce the emission of CO2 and other elements than could affect the ozone layer.

One of the area which might be affected are those ubiquitous 24-7 convenient stores, which could be spotted almost every corner of the block.

It was informed that, the 24 hours convenient store might be asked to minimised their operating hours and to be closed from 2300 to 0500hours, to safe energy.

But most of the stores owner are not willing to do so, as it might affect their profits, furthermore, even they are to close their stores, other appliances such as refrigerator still needs to be switched on all the time.

Even the public, are not to keen in having a lesser opening time for the store, especially those working the late nite shift.

As till now, the matter are still under negotiations.

Pedestrians walking pass by one of the famous 24 hours shop. (But not as famous as Appu's Kwik-E-Mart!)