Thursday, October 09, 2008

SEOUL | Food Stalls & Origin of Ketchup

Food Stalls can be seen almost everywhere in Brunei, and dedicated areas will be set up especially during the festive seasons.

In Seoul, there is no difference, food stall can easily be found almost at every corner of the street, depending on one preference.

This one seems so familiar to those in Brunei.

But this one is quite special, why? Because, got air-con kali ah, split-unit some more !

This is the shy type, because the window is quite small, so malu one meh.

But this one reminds me of those Korean Dramas, the ambience feels like one, well, those type where they bump with each other, boy meets girl, then ketchup all over the clothes, one thing leads to another, so yeah ... and I also think the food vendor is an artist himself, look at the poster behind him, looks like him, don't you think so?

And oh, speaking of Ketchup, did you know what's the origin of ketchup? Obviously, spices do not originate from the west, spices were known from Asia, hence, It was stated that ketchup started off from China, called Katsiap, but it was made of fish! or anchovies rather.

Then obviously, the condiment were improvised by the Malays, yeup, Malay, that is where the word ketchup came from, Kecap, or, Kicap, but it was made of soy sauce. and as historically known, during good old days, traders from all over the world, came by ship to this exotic location to do their business, and along the way, they pick up this kecap thus they brought it along to the west.

It was then, there, they improvised it and "turned" it into today's ketchup, catchup, catsup or whatever way you wanna spelled it.

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