Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GINZA | Master Zeng Said...

Just wanna post some night photography photos.

Just outside Ginza Station of Tokyo Metro.

So, how am I going to cross this street?

A small booth on the street walkway, selling some local stuffs.

Speaking of technology, even their "ordinary" bust-stop have LCD screens for displaying information.

Happy couple back from work (it was about 2200 hours, yet still look fresh), walking along the under the railway bridge.

Yea, you got me there, Hait, Konbawa, Arigato gozaimashta.

Tokyo equivalent of Brunei's Nasi Katok cafe?

Master Zeng Said;

Every day I examine my character in three respects;
am I disloyal in my designs for others,
am I untrustworthy in my dealings with friends,
have I failed to practise what has been passed on to me.

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