Sunday, December 30, 2007

BRUNEI | WEDDING | Behind The Scene

Sunday is quite synonymous with functions, particularly weddings in Brunei.

Outside, people are waiting for the arrival of guests.

Whilst inside, there are people getting ready, preparing for the big event.

On the other note, it is interesting how nowadays, one can get so much information just by watching television, especially from those cable TVs. The type of info processed in one's mind depends on what they choose to watch, if you wanna gain knowledge, then knowledge you will get, and if one tend to choose otherwise, then, you will get what you seek for.

Of which, leads to some interesting myth, of our local "folklore".

Let's not go far, some case studies can be found during the wedding ceremony itself.

One of the reknown myths or kepercayaan during a wedding function, is for the bride/groom to throw/put their soiled undergarments on top of the roof, to prevent from raining!

Before we go into a conclusion, here are some interesting or intriguing facts/scenarios:
  1. Is there any scientific explanation for this? Does the soiled undergarment not add up to the increase of CO2 i.e. the effect of global warming or anything watsoever, that it will counteract with the weather situation, hence preventing it from drizzling?
  2. Does the thrown undergarment gonna be picked up later after the function? OR will it be just left as it is for the whole wide world to see? Perhaps, it can get famous if someone finds it thru Google Earth!
  3. What if this person never wears any undergarment? What shall he/she throw out? Their pants? skirts? shirts? socks? shoes?
  4. Imagine if due to some unforseen reason, the undergarment or the item slips, and drops to the ground, or worst to someone's head! It ain't gonna be funny, or it will! (eh what's that on your head? Nice Tudong eh! Eh atu karing sutungnya! Adeh mahal jua underwearnya atu!!)
  5. There are in fact more stuffs that's on top of my head but I just don't wanna put it down, except this one, baik tah cakap melayu saja, memandangkan perkara ani selalu terjadi kebanyakkannya arah perkahwinan masyakarat Melayu, yang semestinya berugama Islam, jadinya, adakan dalam ugama yang menyatakan kitani mesti membuang seluar "inside" atas atap supaya inda ujan? Banar plang nya orang tua-tua catu, but kadangnya, ada perkara ani mesti jua kitani luruskan, pasal, kalau perkara yang salah, selalu kitani buat dan bila orang kan meluruskan, jangkal dan salah rasanya, sama jua sebaliknya.
  6. Jadi, my point is, kalau sesuatu perkara atu ada dalam Islam, then ikutkan tia, mun nada, baik tah tinggalkan, bukannya apa, karang ditakuti kitani "percaya" kan Seluar dalam atu tia pulang ( nah tersabut tia perkataan dalam atu), sebab inda jua kitani kan mau terpesong daripada akidah kan, apa tah salahnya, berdoa plang supaya inda ujan, atau memohon supaya dipermudahkan kelancaran sesuatu perkara/acara atu, kan sanang.
Just imagine, if such act is really true, then the weatherperson will have some hard time, or easier time, as long as they throw away their undergarment to which ever place, then that place will receive no rain! Brilliant ain't it! Aduiii!

Ok my frens, might bring up more local folklore/ myths that need to be talked about, we will try to check if it is really a myth (so that it can be busted) or if it is really a fact.

Bah just remember, apa-apa ani atas kekuasaanNya jua.

Selamat berhari minggu, your last Sunday for this year. ;)

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