Saturday, December 29, 2007

REVIEW | CANON EOS 300X + 28-90mm

Was sorting out some camera stuffs at home, and remembered that, I still have not finish the roll of film in my Canon SLR EOS 300X!

I remember the last time I used the camera was during Brunei's National Day Parade 2-3 years ago!!

So I just snap anything, and quickly developed the film in one of the camera lab at the capital.

The above photo was taken with the Canon EOS 300X; 28-90mm, scanned digitally by the photo lab, and I just convert it to Black & White.

A sample coloured photo taken with this camera can be found here.

I was quite amazed that, even after the 2-3 years, the film was still good & usable!

The camera itself is very light, easy to operate, FULL-FRAME (as opposed to some DSLR with 1.6 ~ 1.3 crop factor).

Convenient for traveling due to:
  1. With the advancement of Digital Camera, the 35mm film negative can be bought cheaply almost any place in the world.
  2. Need not panic if no power supply to recharge your batteries, as EOS 300X is using 2xCR2 batteries, which also can be bought it most camera shop everywhere.
  3. No need to worry about inadequate disk space problem.
You can find many good reviews for the camera, just search for it online.

Despite its goodness, I'm thinking of selling this camera if there's anyone interested, might do a special post about it some day.

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