Monday, February 02, 2009

Ta Phrom | Do U See What I See?

WARNING: Do not read this if you are alone at night! You've been warned!

Exploring more of the Ta Phrom ruins.

Tourists admiring the huge root "hugging" the ruins wall.

A wider view of the area where Lara Croft's did her action.

A different mystic view of the entrance, effect done in-camera.

Exploring inside the ruins. At times, there are no one in-sight, as I will try to avoid the typical touristy routes, hence I do came across some empty and eerie spot you might say.

Getting closer with the antique artifacts, sometime I do imagine that does "what if?" Just like those in the movie, which can gives you a crypt.

And finally, "something" came up, tell me what you see inside the trunk of that tree?


Spring Break said...

Excellent! What a creepy site. Some of those roots look so much like humans figures. I would not want to sleep there.

stormtrooper said...

I did not remember the tree trunk being that blue or is it? We should go out next time and have a photo trip to Siem Reap!

G-`FerRo said...

well guys .. the photos was taken with the "morning sunlight" ... hence the colours ..

BTW yeap ... stormtrooper... I have actually persuaded Mr.Blonde to tag along while I was there .. but he could not make it ...

.. but yeap ... Siem Reap .. is one of the place to be for any photographers ... lotsa photo opps ... !

..... load of photos still have not uploaded .... I have not upload those of actual Angkor Wat ... and Tonle Sap ....