Monday, April 28, 2008

1.3MP CamFone | Rest Area

Just trying to get away from the bulky SLR, every now and then, I might just post photo captured from a cheapo 1.3MP Camera Phone.

Also, again, at times, some people always argue with me, they wanted a camera, point & shoot, a camera phone or whatever with a sky high mega pixel.

Yeap, they want it, not "need" it, so funny ah.

Most of the time, I'll just keep quiet and let them have it their way, no use explaining to those stubborn people believing that the higher the MP the better, even have the guts to compare their 10MP point & shoot or CamFone with a DSLR or even a film camera.

Now, what I wanna say is that, nowadays, it does not really matter how many mega pixel your camera is having, I bet the lowest MP that u can bought new is 1.3MP, especially if u only use the photo to upload to your website or just use it to camwhore or your IM photos so why bother to spend million in buying a 10MP camera?

And, and, and I also think that you have never even printed any photo from those sky high mega pixel camera or yours, you just keep it in your memory card until it is fully loaded then u delete them or buy another card!

Some even like to buy whatever new model it is coming out of the market, but why? So much money eh? If so, share-share lah some.

So, listen here, it does not really matter what type of camera you are using, what matter most is how one sees stuff thru the lens, forget about those advertising gimmicky about 100x digital zoom or 1001x digital zoom, look out for the optical zoom instead, and, oh, if it does not have any zoom, so what, just go back and forward to get the right composition meh.

Thou I must admit, a good camera gear do helps, but, still, it all depends on the person behind the camera!

So this post and the future post, like this, is dedicated to those having a cheap, humble, floor-low-lying megapixel camera.

Don't be surprised that, some of the photos that are printed in the magazine, covers, or even won a competition were taken with a camera el cheapo.

Rest Area, yeap, not a RestRoom, cool ain't it?

Note: The lens were covered with a thick clear PVC protection cover, which protects the phone.


Mirez said...

My 2MP CamFone beats your 1.3 HAHAHA
*kes inda paham*

I completely agree w you, frens tend to beliv higher MP, means better pics LOL.

I say bigger image sensor, better pictures, doesnt mattter even if its 2MP, janji image sensor ia canggih.

Correct me if I'm wrong? =)

G-`FerRo said...

.. nah awu .. kalah tah ku tu .. u win .. 2mp .. ahaks...

....BTW... correct in a way thou ... but what matter most is still the human factor ... :)

Mirez said...


Of course, its the person behind the lense dat works the magic~ xD

I know la PakCik GF pro~ =p

R... said...

does size matters?

G-`FerRo said...

hmmm... don't think so in this circumstances ... :)