Monday, April 14, 2008

RANDOM | Got Tracks No Train

I was a part of the statistic of those who totally cannot access the internet.

It was connectionless for the past few days, hence could not upload any photo til today.

Because of this occurrence, I don't know whether I shall be posting a new photo daily, just don't feel like it, perhaps, from today I will just upload new post whenever I feel like it, maybe still daily, but may also be once a week, or once a fortnight or perhaps just once a month, oh well, we'll just see how it goes.

Anyway, usually, when thing like this happens, no or very slow connection, the I.P. will be null i.e., but this time around there was an I.P. available but it ain't moving anywhere, it was as if, there is a road or track but it can't be used.

What was actually the real problem? No explanation was given, they should at least let us know, be it a hanged server, loose connection, banned IP or what ever it might be, just give our a press release.

Empty tracks with no traffic.

Empty blog with no new post.

Empty heart with no love.

Empty pocket with no money.

Empty Inbox with no email.

Empty SMS with no credit.

Empty house with no dweller.

Empty plate with no food.

Empty shop with no sales.

Empty Care Eye (MTKI) .. Malas Tah Ku Ingau...

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