Monday, September 29, 2008

AN-NUR | Inside Tokyo Mosque & of Domeless Mosque...

Just as mentioned in earlier post, here are some photos of the beautiful interior.

The first thing that awe struck one who enters the main hall is this beautiful art.

I was not alone in the mosque, there were also some tourist/visitor admiring the beauty.

At one corner, one can see the Holy Quran placed on the Rehal.

And at another corner, one can find the Arabic Scripts.

A different view of the mosque's interior.

A view of the main entrance, and the upper deck is for the female jemaah.

Something to ponder:

I have this vision, that if I have the opportunity to build a mosque, I would build it in such a way that it is not those typical "dome and minaret" type of mosque.

Instead, I would build/design it according to the modern designs, perhap something like the
"durian" Esplanade, Singapore, or the Beijing's Bird Nest or even their Water Cube, or the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Did you know that,
Masjid Nabi S.A.W (Prophet's Mosque) during the time it was built has no dome? It was made from clay and date leaves as roof, and the column was from the date's tree trunk!
As mentioned by Ibn Umar from Sahih Al-Bukhari. The dome was only been introduced in the generation after the Prophet as one of the widely used architecture by the Muslims.

Dome is not one of the condition in building a mosque, but the utmost important is the function of the mosque itself, i.e. to develop the ummah.

Despite the beautiful dome and such, some mosque fail to perform its function, where as the domeless Masjid Nabi has perform its duty and have risen the image/capacity of the ummah.

Mosque without a dome might considered to be awkward or "missing" in today's context, but as a matter of fact, a non-functioning mosque is the one which is considered to be wrongful in Islam!

Wallahuaklam bisawaf.

Just of the record, two sample of modern mosques in the neighbouring country of Singapore are the Masjid Darul Ghufran and the latest one is the Masjid An-Nahdhah. These are what I meant by mosque with the not so typical design.

Salam Ramadhan, for the Muslim, remember to pay your Zakat.
Adfddddn ddahdhah

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