Friday, September 19, 2008

SEOUL | Halal Food Guide

For those Muslim travelers who are very particular about their food/diet intake, here are some guide to where you can enjoy Halal Dining Experience.

All of these are actually located in the bustling Itaewon area, if in doubt, just set your GPS or direction to the Seoul Central Mosque, and along the path, there are many Halal food vendors.

For those who just want some quick bite, you can hope into this bakery, Salam Bakery, just a few steps from the mosque.

Waz Wan, is one of the recommended restaurants on the Korea Tourism Islamic Food Guide, just a "stone throw" away from the Salam Bakery, no buffet thou, but just a la carte and some set meal.

Located in the otherside of the road, Usmania is also a recommended restaurant stated in the Korea Tourism Islamic Food Guide, the Food Guide is endorsed by the Imam of the Seoul Central Mosque, serving both a la carte and buffet, the price is quite OK, considering it's location, and you can either dine in or sit outside the patio and enjoy the people walking pass the alleys.

Moghul is just next door to Usmania, but with a large outside dining, quite a different ambience from Usmania, can have a try here as well.

Or for those budget wise traveler, you can try these cosy eatery, must be very delicious because it says Makanan Yang Sedap Ada Disini!


Mr. SKS said...

Hi there...

Loves your post. I've been to a Turkish "Salam Restaurant" around the Seoul Central Mosque. The food was quite OK.

I was wondering if you know any Halal Restaurant that serves Korean Cuisine. I've tried Indian, Turkish, Pakistanis and Arab. Just wanna try how Korean Cuisine taste like. Hope you could suggest me some.

Thank You.

G-`FerRo said...

Hi Mr. SKS

Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment.

I've been asking the same question when I was there, unfortunately, there is none at the moment which serve the traditional Korean Cuisine.

But the Korean Restaurant back in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore, do serve Halal Korean Cuisine.

Anyway, according to the Korean Guide, some Korean restaurant do serve vegetarian meals only, so perhaps you can try the local vegetarian Korean restaurant.

For further info you can visit this site

or here:

Feel free to drop more comments or the likes. :)

Anonymous said...

God bless you! thanks for the post, I will definitely check some of these places out

Hisham said...

Thank you very much!! Im definitely gonna go seoul one of these days!

Learning my korean so that Im able to converse...who knows I might even get a job there!!!

Just the thought of it is enough to send adrenaline rushing into my blood vessel!

Anonymous said...

can u roughly describe the price for the halal food in seoul?

G-`FerRo said...

For a simple buffet it's about +/- USD15 per pax

Azrihan said...

There is one halal restaurant serves korean cuisine... It is in Nami Island.. The name of the restaurant is Cafe Yeonga Jiga.between Nami Historium and Winter Sonata photo gallery

Anonymous said...

for the brother asking about halal korean cuisine, we found one in the seoul masjid area opposite hamilton hotel in itaewon, it was called "murree" (t-3785 1 36). hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

where can i fine BURGERS in Seoul
like the pic
where is this restaurant ????

Mr.G said...

It is in Itaewon, just near the mosque, within the vicinity/ back alley of the fire brigade in Itaewon ...