Thursday, June 26, 2008

SEOUL | Deouksugung Thereabout III

The cancelled meet-up.

" So where are u? I'm already here what, so u guys in or not eh? I've been for 32 minutes already, how long shall i some more? 13 minutes eh? I'm wearing suit again, very smart one meh, just like James Bond"

"Eh what? Closed? So u just wanna cancel the day out? Which place do we actually wanna meet up? Not here eh? What? Not today? But it was suppose to be today, isn't it?"

"Oh well, what to, nobody is coming, so might as well walk home... I don't care, I'll just crash to that concrete boulder.. no body wanna friend me anymore ...... "


bidarlah said...

eh sei...

is this wat u read to baby AH at nite? haha

who need story books huh? just flip through photos and make up stories. clevah...


G-`FerRo said...

... u don't know kah..? this is a new movie I'm directing at the moment!