Friday, June 13, 2008


Tokyo is a city driven by high-class fashion.

Adverts depicting people having branded goods are everywhere.

For those luxury goods lover, especially Louis Vuitton, they all know that, Tokyo is the place to be. The Japanese consider it as a "crime" leaving your home without an LV.

Omotesando Avenue in Tokyo, is the place of, once (in 2002) the largest LV boutique in the world, during the time of opening, there were 44 LV store in Japan, of which 7 of them are global stores!

Japan is so special in the heart of most designers, that, some of their items are only available in the Japanese market!

So what accompany a store of such size, 10 floors (6 above ground)? A huge advert of course!

A passer-by, walking pass a huge poster of the very latest addition to the LV's Damier Canvas family, which was recently launched in only 3 places in the World, besides Japan, the 2 other places are Hawaii & Guam!.

For the guys, FYI, the price of the bag, can get you an "L" Lens.

Oh BTW, Did you know that, 99% of the items bearing the trademark LV monogram are fake!


Anonymous said...

aii. kena sindir.

har har har.

tapi L lens di Jepun mahal. So, mana sama tu. The bag is still a little bit cheaper :D

Fids48 said...

LOL. You have been brief by the wifey kah?

G-`FerRo said...

... buat research sendiri lai ... hahaha