Friday, June 12, 2009

BRISBANE | Fun Graffitis

Moving away from the sadness of the prison, here are some interesting signages and graffiti in the city.

First, is this cute bunnies, pink bunny and blue bunny, painted over an electrical distribution box.

Then, found hiding in a same complimenting brightly coloured garbage bins is this girl in bikini, also painted over the electrical box.

And this is really something, some sort of reminder, sheeps in suits, or is it really fox in a "sheep's clothing?

Just like an "ethical hacker", these are some of the "ethical graffiti", conveying some sort of hidden message in every art.


mai said...

Salaam Selama mai disinikan, me inda sedar tue all those paintings... ada 1 plg yang i notice but i didn't notice those ones...di manakn tue?! hahaha...

hope you n family r well...i miss AH! :)

G-`FerRo said...

aiks... well.. I guess.. it all depend on what you wanna see... if one are looking for chocolate .. then chocolate it is they will see ... or cookies ... or doughnuts ... hehehe .. :p

oh .. btw .. they are all over the place ... eermm.. along the way to the weekend market ... Gold Coast ... then some suburbs ... eh banyak lah ... ;)