Thursday, June 18, 2009

BRISBANE | Interesting Signages

Just some signs I found along the way.

20 km/h moonwalk speed limit! I didn't know Michael Jackson is a frequent visitor here, that they have to erect a signpost to limit the speed of people doing moonwalk!

Just a simple yet interesting poster pasted on some rubbish bins.

Some big boy toys, that are forbidden on the footway unless one wants to get a penalty.

So what is so interesting about this? Only a few would know.


mai said...

Oh I know I know!!! Heheh... the last signage is the building where two beautiful ladies are staying in Toowong! ;p hahaha

G-`FerRo said...

.. beautiful is one thing ... knowing how to cook good food is another ... hmmmm.... yummy ... ;)

mai said...

wahhhh... kena pujilah..ahaks! thanx ;) but yeah ssshhhh, nanti inda kena masakkan di Brunei! nanti c mai reward cheesecake and choc chip cookies ah.. hahaha...

btw, congratz ah! I heard the news! ;) Oh n Mai tukar blog sudah! heheh... ;)