Monday, June 01, 2009

PHOTOLESS | Something to Think About ...

1. Despite having no photo, some do still read this post, thanks.

2. Mass Media plays an important roles in our daily life nowadays, that we can not escape from encountering them even for a day, unless you are living in those remote area, then that is another story, but otherwise, you will not be reading this.

3. Because of this, people, especially those "marketing people" will try to promote their product via radios, TV, newspapers and magazine, etc.

4. But what I found annoying is the type of advert that I have to listen/watch everytime I wanted to listen/watch a good program,( I know the TVs/Radios need the advert and well I don't mind those good ones.)

5. What I'm trying to stress about is some of our local adverts on the radios, did you realise that, most of adverts are all about LOANS! KAIN (Clothes)! BUFFET! STUPID CRAZY RIDICULOUS MIDNITE BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO UTANG SALE! (Which I think the "ridiculous" one is those who bought and paid $10 for a $5 item which they don't really need), and what does it all show you? orang kitani kuat berutang? kuat membali kain? kuat makan? Dunno, pikir tah sendiri.

6. When you look at the adverts of other countries, you won't find 90% of their adverts of such product, but instead, adverts about coffee, tea, detergent, holidays, medicine, perfumes, watches, toys and such.

7. "Dad, you still remember your promise?"
" What promise?"
"You promised me to buy me a spanking new-girl-in-Gadong-grabbing-attention sports car once I entered Uni"
"But you have already got a car, and it is still in good working condition?!"
"Yea, true but you did mentioned I could get a new one"
" Well ok, go and find some resonable price one"

"Oh yea, dad, I just remembered this financial institution is having some sort of a garbage eh a garage sale, where you can just trade in the old one with a "new" second-hand one"

I bet for those local radio listeners, you are very familiar with the above adverts (obviousl it was in malay, and I just exaggerate a 'lil), but yeap, my point is that, are we trying to promote a community for spending, loan community, people who just care about their wants instead of their needs?

8. Furthermore, the quality of some of the adverts, are ridiculous and annoying, I know those advert makers would say, " but it did attracts your attention and you remember it".

9. Well yeah it did, but it is just because we have no choice, in other countries, if a production house, produce a rubbish adverts, no one would ever come back to you, producing something rubbish, annoying and no meaning is totally different from those meaningful, heart touching adverts/ promo. (Good neighbouring example is the TM and Petronas ads esp. during the festive seasons)

10. Can we make something which is meaningful? Something that can touch you "there"? or at least make a good quality ads/promo, as for those who have parabola, Indonesia have thousand of creative ads, go study.

11. Just something I wanted to share, did you know how the guys in NISSAN promote their new flagship super car i.e. GT-R? Well, Mr Ghosn, the President/CEO of NISSAN called his office worldwide to discuss about their marketing strategy of the new GT-R, and he specifically said no promo in Mag, TV or the likes, so one of the guy from Nissan UK made a suggestion of promoting it via Manga (anime) and GT3 or in the layman terms, video games & comics! Brilliant!


Rafferty said...

Bang Boi, your point no. 7 is a peeve of Jul's as well hahaha..

G-`FerRo said...

Yelah .. somebody should promote a saving culture .. or get your needs rather than your wants ads...