Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, every now and then, we do encounter humour as part of our daily life, either you are talking with someone you know, or might just overheard people talking about it at the cafe or the likes.

When not holding my camera, I will try to inject some kind of everyday humour in this site.

BTW, do not comment on the "stick figure", I know, it is crap, as I never did well in my art classes, but what I wanted to bring out is the message behind it.

And if there is good responses, I might bring out more.

Hope you guys like it ;)

*Click image for a larger version.

** Feel free to copy and paste, for non-commercial purposes only, but please do not alter in it anyway.

Well, it (BRIDEX) does really seems like a BRIDAL EXPO, loads of people I know think the same.

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