Sunday, July 06, 2008

TOKYO | Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

One of the unavoidable, or unpredictable things that might happens in traveling is the weather.

Although we wish that, it will be nice and sunny every day of the week, but rain is inevitable sometimes.

I also have my fair share of rain during my trip.

Looking out of the hotel's window, it was already raining.

Well, just not wanna waste the day just like that, so I just brave the rain.

Being a "tourist" obviously the most common mode of transport is on foot, so every corner I tried to find a shelter, and furthermore, my camera gear is no those expensive weatherproof machine, so came rain, less photo are taken compared to those not rainy time.

So still, wandering whether to go ahead or not, I just walked ahead.

And what noticed is that, every single person was holding an umbrella, except me!

Come on, how do you expect me to hold an umbrella in one hand, whilst carrying my huge, heavy messenger bag on the other shoulder, then how to take camera?

Well, this is just one of the dilemmas that, one experience in their journey, unless you just wanna enjoy the rain, and can't just be bothered with photographing anything, then, there should not be any problem.

Even in the narrow alley, people tried to find a shelter, to keep themselves dry.

The rain seems does not seems to be showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

I was contemplating, whether to carry on with the journey or just be in the mall.

But, thinking I have gone this far, to this area, so I might just give it a go, especially after seeing this sign post

The world known, TSUKIJI FISH MARKET!

So tell me now, would you turn back and call it a day? or Just carry on despite the rain, the smelly fish market, and oh, water and fishy smell does not goes well, for sure you can imagine what kind of smell you will gonna get once those mixed together.

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