Monday, July 14, 2008

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY | Flirting with the Ads

Street photography is about capturing "the moment" on the street.

No actor, no rehearsal, no plan, just ordinary people, doing ordinary daily life.

What important is, patience.

If you are lucky (very rarely) it would only take a few minutes, otherwise, few hours is a norm for capturing such happening.

So what gear to use for street photography?

Well, you need to have 3 professional SLR bodies, with 300mm f/2.8 IS prime zoom, 20-700 f/2.8 IS L lens, 50mm f/1.0 or better, and if you believe what I said, you are doomed, better stay at home and watch TV or read some photography magazines.

The actual answer is, just a simple basic DSLR with its kit lens 18-55mm will do, or even a prosumer point and shoot like the Canon equivalent of G9 or S5IS.

How about phone camera? Or those ordinary Point & shoot? As mentioned in earlier post that, it does not really matter what type of camera to be used right?

Well, in this situation, (Street photography) you gotta be kidding right, get real come on. It is a true fact that it does not really matter what camera you are using IF you can FREEZE the people on the street!

The moment you see an interesting action, you start up your cheap P&S, focus it, *click* the action is no more, or it might be blurred, so a good gear does helps.

These photos are just few of the samples of street photography,

1. Conversation with the Ad

"Hello.. listen to me... they are watching you ....watching me ..."

2. The Flirty Ad

Girl, you just don't know how the model in the poster act when you are not looking.

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