Friday, July 18, 2008

TOKYO | Only in Japan ....

Only in Japan...

... one can find the Capsule Hotel

Hotel Capsule, is a simple place for people to have a rest

It is literally a capsule for you to sleep.

Imagine your single bed, then cover it with a 2' walls to the right/left and the headboard with a ceiling, but the end can be covered with curtain.

The capsule itself is complete with radio, TV, clock and light, cosy enough for you to sit down, but not standing.

It is cheap, (but if you consider money to size ratio it is still expensive), clean, and convenience, especially for those business traveller who work late and need to be in the office early.

Thou they are no ensuite bathroom, there are communal shower.

So if you just wanna have a try, you are welcome to have a go, just for the experience.

The name is Love, Love Cafe....

Well as the name suggest, this is the Luurrrvveee Cafe ...

Enough Said.


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