Saturday, July 12, 2008

TOKYO | Akihabara

Akibahara is another one of the must-see places in Tokyo.

For those Manga, Anime, Electronic, Computer, Camera fanatic, freak, geek or whatever you wanna call them, Akihabara is the place to be, just like a kid lost in candy store.aft

If in Brunei you can find variety of fruits/ foods/ handicraft at the Kianggeh Market or Tamu, or in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, one can also indulge in many different types of tidbits, but in Akihabara, instead of foodstuffs, they have market full of electronic items!

The Electronic Market! You can find any thing that can conduct electricity here, LED, "black-red" wires, banana plugs, male-female socket, 3-pins, 2-pins, adapter, resistor, capacitor just name it they got it here!

People rushing to-n-fro. Just like the other busy places in Tokyo, Akihabara is a busy area, covered with pedestrians. Just trying to stand still is considered some kind of a feat.

Neon covered buildings are what one will see during nite time. The whole street of Akihabara are showered with neon lighting, no need to wait until Hari Kebangsaan or something, one can just come here any night the year round to experience the neon shower.

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