Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NIHONBASHI | Centre of Japan

Nihonbashi is one of the busy districts in Japan. Here is where actual business is done in Japan, the money making place, where millions of Yen, or more, exchange hands, because in Nihonbashi you can find, Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mitsukoshi (Harrods equivalent) & Takashimaya, just to name a few.

Translated directly as "Japan Bridge", Nihonbashi is literally the centre of Japan, as this is where the Zero Mile Marker starts, just like that Zero-Mile-Marker Big Blue Clock in Bandar Seri Begawan, which serve as the reference point of all roads.

A plaque on the bridge stating the history of Zero Milestone.

Zero marker where the distance are measured from.

Shortly before the 1964 Summer Olympic, an expressway was built over the Nihonbashi Bridge, "polluting" the classic view, thus this is why til recent years, local people have signed petitioned to "move" the expressway underground, and if this move is implemented, it would cost the government USD4Billion!

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