Monday, August 04, 2008

SEOUL | Photos in the Rain (in Colour)

You will be lucky to have a bright sunny day throughout any journey.

But rain is unavoidable at times, and one do admit, it might restrict your movement, and perhaps your ability to capture more photos.

So what can you do? Look at the bright side, you can capture your journey with the rain as an "added effect'

Two veterans enjoying each other companies despite the wet weather.

Thou some people opt to rush in the wet weather, for obvious reason, to get less wet as possible.

I must admit, during the rain, it is quite difficult to capture anything with one hand holding your SLR, one holding the umbrella, and during nite time, whilst juggling your SLR as not to get it wet, unless yours is that weatherproof, shockproof or foolproof one!

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