Friday, August 29, 2008

SEOUL | Shopping Time!

As mentioned in earlier posts, not everyday was a bright sunny day whilst traveling, a drizzle or two was also "part of the package" that need to be dealt with.

Nevertheless, one of the good things about these developed cities like Tokyo and Seoul, is that, not only their shopping areas are located on the street or above the street, but there are also loads of shopping area under the street, or underground, so this is the place to go if it is wet outside.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), my shopping days are "over", ever since I "got hold" of my passion for photography, as I would rather spend my time capturing the scene with my camera, rather than spending my time shopping.

But, on the other hand, from my photos, I might lure other people to shop at that place, so it is quite a win-win situation for the place itself.

Seoul Plaza Underground Shopping Center is one of the underground shopping places.

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Centre is another underground shopping place, and the good thing about underground shopping is that, it is easily accessible via the Subway train, as they are interconnected with each other.

But, in a different side of the city, this is where the real deal is, the real shopping haven for tourist and Koreans alike. Just look at the photo below.

Shop closes at 0430Hours, yeap 4:30AM!!

Time is not the issue here, what matter most now is your wallet!

Happy shopping everyone, buy smart.

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