Monday, November 17, 2008

JAPAN | Ameyayokocho II

So moving alone the busy alley, came to a point I need some direction, but finally decided not to, because, even the local are lost!

Guy 1: We are here, are we?
Guy 2: No we are not, why is this map upside down?
Guy 3: Let us ask that guy with the big camera.
Guy 1: No, real man don't ask for direction.
Me: No wonder man always lost in woman's heart!

Trying to figure out where they are, despite the modern time, with the advancement of hi-tech compass and GPS, the good ol' fashion map reading is still a favourite.

So what to do? Just move ahead, and follow the flow, go where the crowds are going.

Golf is one of the favourite hobbies in Japan, I was told that, one need to book up to 6 months in advance just to play on the green, otherwise you can just indulge yourself at the driving range, which can be found almost at every corner, even on the rooftop of the high rise building! So it is not surprising to find golf shops at every other block of shops.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great big fan of golf, despite many people have persuaded me to be on the green, thou we've managed to swing some balls on the driving range yet I've not set foot to play on the actual green. Oh, I think the guy is kinda famous, no not golfer, but a well-known sumo wrestler, I think, because, many people then to stop, and react excitedly seeing him.

Fish, one of the ingredients for sushi, fresh fish are in abundance in Japan, a good way for a healthy diet. No wonder it sounds so fishy.

Then I was caught by surprised by this handsome gentlemen, (no, stop staring at his mustache, something fishy is going on here), me staring at him, him staring at him, just as reflex as it may seems, clicking my camera seems the way to be, sumimasen, lauk masin, bau ikan masin.

Wakasaya, the real sushi eateries, just look at the huge menus. This is a common sight in Japan, even along the alley there were countless such eateries.

But even the elegantness of indoor dining cannot beat the beauty of outdoor eating style, or those gerai style, eating along the walkway is here to stay, no matter where you are, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and even in Japan!

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