Sunday, November 16, 2008

JAPEN | Ameyayokocho I

Ameyayokocho, or Ameyoko for short, is a shopping alley in Ueno, which is quite a awalk from Ueno Park. Situated along the underside of the railway track, it is one of the popular outdoor shopping markets.

The main gate of Ameyoko, on the left is the railway track.

A local walking pass by the local shop selling variety of items.

Just a simple reflection on the glass facade.

I am not sure what they call it, but an interesting sight.

Walking along, I came across this intersection, an intriguing diversion, going left will be walking thru the colours and glory, and walking right will be a mystical experience.

Another local shop, selling the spices of life.

And at a side alley, saw this tourist, a local tourist perhaps, trying to adjust his camera, well one of his cameras in fact, nice.

After the long and winding walk, one can have their quick pit stop at the ubiquitous vending machines, where one will be spoilt for choices, just prepare with your small change.

Which reminds me of this dumb joke, ( no I don't wanna associate it with blondes), anyway, this dumb guy keeps on putting his change in the vending machine, because he thought that he his winning his jackpot!

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