Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JAPAN | Ueno Park II

Moving along within the vicinity, there are still acres and acres of greens yet to be explore, but I don't have the privilege to explore each and every bit of 'em.

Saw this bicycle, wanted to borrow them, but no one was near it, I can't just ride it off, I might be accused of stealing, it's a no no.

So moving on, saw this thingy, kinda like some sort of wishes, or greeting or something, but looking at that one on the right, it looks like a heart break because it is between a line, or even their heart is within a very thin line, oh I dunno.

The vast area, can inspire the artist in a person, just like this "artist". Just look at those painting, brilliant isn't it? Unfortunately, I don't have the patient to wait til it is completed, I would assume, even that piece alone might have taken the artist half a day to compose and such. Looking at the sketch, it looks like the Phone Booth of Dr. Who, and the green domes are of the museum near-by.

At the other corner of the park, there is this large pond, one side filled with this sort of plant, what ever they call it now. I bet that sign says, No Fishing or even No Swimming, oh well, who would ever want to have a dip at those kind of water, might have some herbal effect on you, but heck no, I don't wanna even dip my feet in it. There was even no frog to be seen, perhaps, some dumb ladies had kiss them and turned them into their prince charming.

There on the other side of the lake, I saw these blue white like creatures, floating on the water, unlively, lifeless.

But looking at the wide angle view, it represent a different thing, the blue white creatures were in fact rowing boats, yet another artist found this interesting, in fact there were a number of artist doing their stuff within the park, so if you think you are an artist yourself, you can join them there.

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