Saturday, January 19, 2008


Singapore is one of the popular destination for a holiday, especially for the Bruneians.

Thou some of the items are rather expensive or the same value as in Brunei, yet the wide array of goods made it an attraction to be there.

A view of the city skyline from the other side.

Anyhow, this is what I wanna share after reading Singapore's local paper today, which is regarding their newly proposed national stadium.

5 very unique and marvellous design concepts were presented during the unveiling of the new stadium by 5 different design consortiums.

Each of the different concept were very well presented and illustrated on the paper, with all their sketches, computer graphic designed concept, histories of world stadiums, views from world re-known architects, engineers & designers, best practices and such.

By building the new stadium, it will not only be a centre or hub for sports, but it also act as a landmark for the country, just like what the "durian" Esplanade does for Singapore.

Singapore are now into their goal to be the sporting hub of Asia, have been into lots of discussion with many major sports player around the globe, with the likes of English Football League, Rugby and Cricket etc as well as a bid for the ASIAN Games and Youth Olympic Games.

One of the designs, is a horse-shoe type of stadium, with one end open to view the open seas.

Another one is an i-max type of stadium, where the roof will be movable, and images can be projected to the roof if required, to add more sizzles to the performance.

Then there is this "crumpled-tissue" typed of stadium among others.

Stadiums, have been made an unofficial landmark in many places around the globe, e.g. Wembley in England, then that new "bird-nest" stadium in China, that Allianz arena in Germany just to name a few.

So to wrap this post, what I want to see in the new future is, for Brunei to follow such public illustrated presentation lay-out for its upcoming new airport, if possible let the public choose the design concept.

Since it will gonna be the pride of the nation, so might as well build something better the Singapore's T3 terminal.

Oh, and by the by, please incorporate access and facilities, for people with disabilities, senior citizens and breast-feeding mother, and ah, please install the flight schedule in the restaurant with working P.A. System, so that people will not miss their flight.

Thanks in advance.


R said...

i went googling crazy to find images of the 5 schemes, only saw 2 argh...


one: the horse shoe one: one blogger said look like toilet seat haha...
golden toilet seat. and went further to say: the green play area which can be changed into a water sports toilet pan. haha!

however...saw the winning design...quite impressive i say. Need to see more ...

G-`FerRo said...

hmmmm... although on the paper they illustrated 5 schemes .. but only 3 consortium made the bid ... i.e. only 3 bids accepted .... that horse show .. or the golden toilet seat u might say .... the crumpled-tissue .. and the dome ...

.. and yeap ... the dome won the bid ... and the reason is....

nope... not because of the design ....

.. but because of its sporting events plans!