Thursday, January 31, 2008

ABSTRACT | The One with the Circle Thingy

Most of the times, before pressing the shutter, one can already visual the photo that one wanted to compose.

The challenge is how to capture it and share it with the others to have the same feel.

One of the most important aspects in photography is the composition, how you place the subject within the frame.

The easiest, by which all amateur should know is the Rule of Third, of which, you imagine the photo as a tic tac toe, and you place the subject at any one of the intersections of the lines.

But obviously, most people doesn't like to stick with the rule, as what they said, rules are meant to be broken, are they?

Anyway, as one, are more proficient in photography, you can deviate from the rule, bend the rule if you will, or otherwise, make your own rule. :)

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