Saturday, January 12, 2008

RANDOM | Of Blue Glasses

Of blue glasses and blue sky
Are the glasses "colourless" and the colour is just a mere reflection from the sky?
Or the glasses are really blue?

In fact, it does not really matter;
As what matter most are the end product.

Might be true to human as well,
Does not really matter how many A's you got during your lower classes,
Nor how many distinctions whilst in secondary years;
Or even how many O's and A's you manage to grab during your upper secondary.

At the end of the day, what type of Job you are doing to earn your living.
Will it be the one who design the "blue glasses"?
Or will it be the one who build the "blue-glassed structure"?
Or the one who cleans the glasses?
Or just a passer-by who admire the beauty of the "blue-glasses" and wanted to achieve such feat?
Or perhaps, just someone who took photo of the so called "blue-glasses" then upload and made a poem (if that is what you called) out of it, out of the blue???

So it is up to you, to think of what you wanna be;
We can only plan but our actually destiny and faith, that is not for us to decide.

Of blue glasses

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