Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TRAVEL | Port of Singapore

A port is one of the important gateways in a country, depending on the historical factor, the capital city is usually situated at, near or within the port area.

The major port in Brunei is Muara Port, thou there is a smaller one at Kuala Belait, called KB Port, very near to it, the neighbouring country, they've got Miri Port but I'm wondering, they don't have Baram Port, hmmmmm, I presume, it doesn't sounds nice in the Malay Language.

What is the difference between a port, harbour, wharf, dock and quay or even jetty?

The above photo shows a monorail passing by the Port of Singapore.

The Port of Singapore was featured on the National Geographic Channel in their programme "MegaStructures" as the "World's busiest port!"

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