Sunday, January 20, 2008

RANDOM | Projek Angkasawan?

Something new?

Or is it something old, but getting a new facelift?

In certain part of the world, the exterior looks hundred years old, or they are in fact really that old, but inside, very hi-tech, sometimes, even more sophisticated than your home!

And speaking of angkasawan (astronaut), there's this Minister interviewed by the press, the Minister known for his alter-ego, answered each question very arrogantly, until these Q&As were highlighted:

Press: So what is this extra special project for our astronaut?
Minister: Don't worry, ours is very unique, no one has ever tried it before.

Press: And what is that uniqueness?
Minister: Instead of going to the moon, we, our astronaut will go to the sun!

Press: But, Sir, that is quite impossible, do you know how hot the sun is? Long even before they reach it, the metal will melt!
Minister: Ah! That's where our uniqueness, we will travel during the winter night!

Press: ?????

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