Sunday, January 27, 2008

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So what do one usually do on a Sunday?

Hmmm, well, loads of stuff can be done on a Sunday, at times, a single Sunday just ain't enuf.

In Brunei, Sunday can usually means "jemputan" i.e. Invitation, Morning is usually wedding invitation, then the afternoon Thanksgiving or Baca Doa Selamat or the like, then at night Ambil-ambilan.

So in other words, at times it is as if, there's no off day.

So for those who are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending who you look at it) to have no invitation, one can hang out with friends, or just sit lazily at home watching telly and such, or go on a date.

Waduh hebat banget kamu eyah, lagi kencan melulu, hati-hati dong, asal jangan cinta gombal doang.

Selamat liburan.

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