Friday, January 25, 2008

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For some it's Thanks God It's Friday .... but I still remember the TV show called TFI Friday! Hosted by the brilliant Chris "Ginger" Evans, and some said it stands for Thank F*** It's Friday! Hmmmm...

It was a brilliant live show, with celebrities coming in, free drinks for the audience, very humorous segments such as, It's Your Letter, Freak or Unique, Cedric the Entertainer, and the most popular one is his side kick Will MacDonald.

Oh well,he was once the presenter of The Big Breakfast show, then a Radio DJ, and when he had accumulated enough money he bought the Radio Station Virgin 1215AM, and now not so sure what is the update, thou I know he is now a DJ at the BBC

Friday, an early weekeend for some, yet still dunno where to go, well, just look at the directory and pick your choice.

I'm sure there's always something for everybody.

Feel bored? Only boring people get bored.

Happy Friday peeps.


Jewelle said... I know why I am very rarely bored :-)

kheoh yee wei said...

hello,your photos are fine but your watermark spoil them quite a bit,why not publish them under creative commons rights? Cheers.

G-`FerRo said...

Jewelle ... hehe ... lucky u ... a very happening person ... :)

yee wei .. thanks for the comment .. really appreciate it ... yea .. thou a times I do felt the same way ... still trying decide what's best to get around it .... :)