Thursday, January 24, 2008

STREET | B&W | The Ice Cream Potong Man

I think, for the next couple of post, I will probably post black & white series.

A senior man, on the street, a typical scene in some of our neighbouring countries.

In this case, Mr. Ken ( not his real name), earn his living buy selling cut ice-cream, or a.k.a. Eskrim Potong.

Comes in various flavours e.g. yam, vanilla, chocolate and durian etc, it comes in huge block chunk, then cut accordingly to size, which are then usually placed in between the lovely bread bun.

Thou, locally, you can buy the eskrim potong off the shelves in many leading supermarket, and obviously comes in different flavours such as, kacang merah, pulut hitam, chendol and such.

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