Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TRAVEL | KOREA | Peeping Thru Gyeongbokgung Palace

Traveling out of the country for a while, errmm, just a photo actually.

Having a glimpse of the reknown Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.

Did u know that it is possible to have Breakfast in Korea, Lunch in Hong Kong, then dinner in Brunei?

Speaking of which, after some "research" I think that, eeermm, I can conclude that the local people in Brunei love to eat!

Well, you can see loads of evidence, even it says so in the local media.

Ok let me guide you to some interesting findings.

Just tune in to the local TV, yeap, despite the thousand of channels in the cable TV network, I do still watch the local networks, they are even showing good new series on the 2nd channel, as well as nice Korean Drama!

Anyway, back to the local channel:

First, there this advert regarding car's safety, where they first show a clip of an EGG inside a container, imagine you are an egg they said, then knocking it hard hence breaking the egg. Which correspond to you if you are not wearing your seat belt.

But the irony is that, they never show the egg strapped to the container, so that we can know what happen to the egg, and furthermore, why are they driving fast at that SOASC carpark? Eh, come on lah, show someplace believable.

Second, another advert regarding road safety as well, this time for motorcycle rider, and guess what type of analogy they use this time? Foodstuff as well, i.e. WATERMELON! Watermelon smashed to the road, just like your head without a helmet!

Another advert regarding drug awareness, guess what a conversation on the dining table which obviously involve food and eating!

Then eventually another advert, showing this guy who loves to smoke and EAT a lot, hence giving him some medical complications.

But I still remember some "good" adverts which most of you might still remember, about vandalisms.

One is the one at Damuan, about this bunch of guys vandalising the infrastructure, when one of them get electrocuted trying to pull/ touch a live wire.

And the other one, about these students ( Sekolah Mabohai kali looking at the school) who wanted to go for a toilet break, but could not find a decent toilet, as the toilets were vandalised.

Oh well, obviously we need more interesting adverts, need not go far, just tune to those Indonesian channels, you will find loads of eye-catching ads.

Happy surfing.

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