Saturday, March 29, 2008


Something different from the previous posts.

Just a simple sign, sprayed on a makeshift wall.

Thou, the above image can be done entirely with Photoshop and such, but it just ain't the same as capturing the actual one.

Still remember a real story, told by my dad, during their early college days, the time when English was not widely spoken.

Whilst walking back home from school, they saw a sign, very similar as above, but it was put at an electrical sub-station, stating "DANGER".

So, one of them said, "Hei, look at that sign, DENGAR, perhaps they want us to listen to it", hence they approached the station and listen to it!

Luckily nobody get hurts.

("Listen" in Malay is "Dengar")

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rrr said...

*knock knock*