Thursday, March 13, 2008

RANDOM | Face the Music

Song & rhythm are meant to be together.

A simple note can make or break the music.

On a different note, I had the opportunity to be invited to the High Schools' National Patriotic Choir competition.

Watching and listening to the choir performances was really something.

During my school days, I always wanted to join the choir, or just to join anything that could represent the school.

I might have represented the school in few occasions, but not the choir.

Oh well, back to the choir competition, it was quite an enjoyable event, listening to the harmonious voices singing those patriotic songs, injected more "patriotistic" boost to your body system!

Not only that, but they are now more innovative with their showmanship, not only the hands are moving but the whole body as well!

A big round of applause for their dedicated teachers in conducting their rehearsal for their performances.

As well as all of the participants, and congrats to the winners.

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