Sunday, March 02, 2008

BRUNEI | NDP | The Veterans

I wanted to post load of photos for each post, but some complaint to me that, it took some time for the site to be fully loaded.

So in that case I'll just upload a minimal photo for each post.

Some veterans reminiscing their good ol' days.


sketch said...

i like this one!it's different from the rest.. but apakan tu bnrnya? hehe reflection kah? i still cannot work it out.. macam rasa main optical illusion plg hehe

KaryaWan said...

just look at it up side down.. it's a reflection from the water and the tile lines... te black thing is somebody's leg.. great shot bro! bravo! I always admire ur work... btw, nice meeting u that day.. :)

sketch said...

ohhhh i see it now.. mcm main nujum pak belalang eh!hehe.. thanks karyawan!

Great photo gferro! it's way cool :)

G-`FerRo said...

hei .. thanks guy ... and thanks for answering it for me karyawan .... good to c u too ... :)

oh btw ... wanna know a 'lil "secret" ...?

All of the past photos posted regarding NDP was actually taken last year!


Thus it proves that, it is more or less the same every year... ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I can see a glimpse of my dad in this photo :)