Saturday, March 01, 2008

BRUNEI | NDP | At Ease yet Ready

White gloves can represent anything, thou it is usually worn by uniformed personnel, but it can also be worn by waitresses, or by magician or even Micheal Jackson!

Thou the later only wore a single glove.

The one with the white gloves.

Speaking of which, by now, the local community would have heard about the incident regarding this guy who wanted to leap off the overhead pedestrian crossing at the busy Gadong Road yesterday (29.02.2008).

I personally think that, this guy is confuse, very confuse, he has taken the term "Leap Year" literally, so since it was a "Leap" February this year, hence he tried to "leap-it-off"!

And, some interesting fact about leap year, why February 29? Why not January 32 or so.

It was told, that during the Roman Empire of Julius & Agustus, they grab the two days off February to make July & August to be 31 days, hence to compensate the shortened February, hence it was chosen to be a part of the leap year.

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