Saturday, March 22, 2008

RANDOM | The Unsung Heroes

In any big event, I'd assume not only in Brunei, but the world all over, after any major event, the venue will usually be in a mess, and as if by magic, few hours after that, the venue will then be cleaned.

So what happened?

Don't tell me that it was all clean by some magician, nor it was as easy as clicking the undo button, no such thing in the real world, (how I wish there's such button thou).

Well, what actually was these:

No matter how technologically advance the country is, a dash of manual labour are still required.
Cleaning those hard to reach places.

All those tiny bits and pieces, sweeping all those glitters away.

Then, will only leave the place, after the place is spanking clean.

So, people, please, do not litter as you wish, help them to help our environment.

A big round of applause should be given to these ladies and gentlemen, who are very dedicated in doing there job, no matter how menial it may seems, without them, we won't be enjoying a clean place of living.

I still remember back in the ol' skool days, during those college days, at the usual daily morning assembly, some students complaint to their parents because they were punish to clean the school's toilets (obviously they must have done something wrong, otherwise they won't be punished), hence the Discipline Master made a disclaimer something like this:

"Mengapa mesti malu?... ADAKAH HINA ibu kamu membersihkan jamban di rumah? Adakah hina orang-orang yang bertugas membersihkan tandas?"

Loosely translated as "Why one must be ashamed(to clean the toilet)?, Is it shameful for your mother to clean the toilet back in your home? Is it shameful for those people whose job is to clean the toilets?"

Well, what ever he said, still rings in my head, even after so many years. So ironic ain't it.

P.S. Why does the Discipline Master/Teacher in school have more or less the same name, Cg. Dollah lah, Cg. Abdullah lah or Cg. Ali lah.

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