Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BRUNEI | NDP | Royal Customs & Excise Team

Most people nowadays are beginning to enjoy those "photojournalistic" style of photography, where "supposedly", the photo would be those of the candid type, without the subject actually "realising" they were being photographed.

But, "photojournalistic" style are not merely taking any candid photo, at times the subject are aware of it, but what matter most is the story within the photo composition, just like making a proper sentence in the English Grammar, i.e. one needs a proper "verbs" to make it complete.

So now, rather than taking the typical candid photo, for the next couple of days or so, I'll just post photo of "not-so-candid-photo-yet-not-so-posed-photo"

Well, who knows, in those post, YOU might be in the photos, or perhaps, someone you know.

First on the list, the participants from the Royal Customs & Excise Department, which previously a.k.a Customs & Bea Department, established in April 1906, is one of the oldest government department.

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