Sunday, March 30, 2008

RANDOM | iRambut for $39.99

Could not help noticing this particular person's hairstyle, perhaps, he got the inspirational idea from Sanjaya of Americal Idol, and to which I also have an idea of composing it like that once famous ads, and still is.

I bet, when people see his hair people will say: "Ai Rambutnya ah ... atu nya! ", hence the title iRambut!

Not so sure how much it cost to style it as such, but the amount was intentional, just to mock the latest craze in grocery adverts, i.e. .99 this and .99 that!

People will thought, " iRambutnya tiga puluh labih saja! ", (thirty something only), when in fact, it is $40!

So customer beware, caveat emptor!

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