Friday, March 21, 2008

RANDOM | Friendship

Just some random thought

Friendship and aging, the older one get, the more friends one will accumulate, unless the person is not popular, then perhaps, people will tend to go away from them.

A friend is someone who is not afraid to tell you, if what you are doing is not right, someone who will tells you the truth, no matter how bitter the reality is.

Whereas aging, it will depends on how one look at themselves, I guess the saying, age is a number, is still correct to some extend.

We are the one who make ourselves young or old. Thinking that you have reached a certain age, and acting older than your age, does not seems to justify your well being, unless, you want to be old, then that is a different story.

It is good to feel young at heart, despite what age you may be, yet, there is a limit to it.

In age, we are the exclusive members of the ten years club, i.e. we are only allowed to be in a certain age club for only a period of ten years max,.

So which ever age club you are in, be it the 20's club, the 30's club, the 40's club or what ever club you may be, just make yourself comfortable.

It is funny thou, a small kid always wanna be a grown-up, a youth obviously wanna stay in their youth, and grown-ups most of the time wanna be kids again.

Why wanna be a kid? ... coz it is troublefree... what Bruneian always called "Abis Bank".

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